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Welcome to Murf's Fan Cave!

What was born of a Raiders Fan podcast, now becomes a network! Featuring: 

Raiders Fan Radio

The Fan Club Blitz w/ Splatterhead and Fitz

Mondays with Mikey & Murf

We take Pride & Poise to bring you the best RAIDERS fan related content in podcasting. 
You will find interviews with past and current players, celebrities, media members, fan and booster clubs and every day Raider Fans. 
We represent and celebrate Raider Nation, the world wide fans of the Dark Side 24/7, where your fandom is only defined by the passion in which you root for the RAIDERS! 
Check out our shows on the Murf’s Fan Cave feed from iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Play, YouTube and anywhere you can find a podcast or


  1. Hey murf, do you have T-Shirts yet? RFR or Murfs fan cave? Matt


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